Biomass Wood Pellet - Its Importance

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Biomass Wood Pellet - Its Importance

For more than 2 decades, Keyul Enterprise have been into the business of Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine, which is designed to manufacture wood chip pellets used as the sustainable energy source.The Biomass Wood Pellets are also called biomass fuel.

This machine is of great use for industries that require wood in great amount. The machine, basically uses the residue of the wood to make alternate energy source. These pallets are one off the most popular options when looking for biomass fuels in the market. In simple terms, you can install this machine into your premise and get the waste converted into fuel. You can also use it for your operations, or sell in the market as these can be used in specific stoves for the heating of homes.

The Pallet Stoves are very useful. Some of its major advantages are as mentioned below:


  • Temperature Adjustment - The pellet stove available in the market come with a remote control to adjust its temperature. There also are models that are pre-programmed for its functioning.
  • Highly Efficient - The pellet stove is regarded as up to 90% efficient. Thus, only 10% of the energy is wasted through chimney.
  • No Special Chimney - There is no need of any special chimney system is required to let the gases flush out of the house or premises. The existing chimney or the horizontal thin tube can be used to let the gases out.
  • Sufficient for 12-36 Hours - At full speed, the stove can last for 12 hours and then require a refill to be used again. The pallets can easily be fueled into the stove for the use again at the desired temperature.
  • Convenient & Affordable - Keyul Enterprise offers Biomass Wood Pellet Machine at a very reasonable price and is easy to operate. The machine is fully automatic and thus ensures excellent output in no time. Thus, you can save huge money by simply making the waste wood or surplus wood into pallets and then using it as a fuel. The stove is also well-designed to offer heating at a desired temperature.
  • Carbon Balance - The Carbon Balance is neutral. As there is no harmful additive or fuel used to make the pallets. The pallets made are also from natural wood waste thus, the carbon emitted during combustion of the pallets is the amount of carbon absorbed by the tree for its growth.

Keyul Enterprise is one of the trusted names in the market, offering Biomass Pellet Making Machine at great deals. The machines are fully automatic and work on advance technology, which means more productivity, less wastage. The machines are also power efficient and available at pocket friendly prices. So, what are you looking for? You can call us today and get Biomass Wood Pellet Machine for yourself. It is easy to operate and great way to create biofuel.

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